La Savonnerie Marseillaise

La Savonnerie Marseillaise

Marseille, his soap, his legacy...

More than a shop, this place located on Canebière avenue, one of the most well know avenue of Marseille, bring us where the soap of Marseille is born.

There you will found the soap of Marseille with the differents flavors coming from the different part of the south of France. But "La Savonnerie Marseillaise" got as well the spirit of the shop and museum who is showing you the knowledge brought from the history. The decoration made with the instruments and the products; is showing you the work of the master chandler inspired from the bigining of the century.

Between nobility and authenticity the shop propose a product who has been through the time. A range of exceptional products : from the traditional soap to the liquid soap and his perfumed toilet soap, for all body cares in a unique and divine atmosphere.


    Savon de Marseille